marți, 4 octombrie 2011

Boring ....

Pentru ca sunt extrem de plictisita si nu prea am  inspiratie o sa scriu cate fraze care mi se par extrem de geniale:

  • You`re the reason why I smile . :)
  • I may be perfect but I`m satisfied with my life 
  • Don`t play with me `caz I know I can play better than you! xD.
  • Don`t find love,let love find you.That`s why it`s called falling in love, because you don`t force yourself to fall,you just fall.
  • Love waits for one things...The right moment. 
  • I hate my EX.I love my NEXT.
  • Just stop for a minute and SMILE :).
  • I`m single and I wish someone could change that. :)
  • I`m sorry I can`t be PERFECT.:)
  • Music is my life...lyrics are my story .
  • You only now my name , not my story.So don`t judge me. :)
  • Letter starts with "ABC",number starts with"123",music starts with "DO-RE-MI", love starts with "YOU" and "ME". 
  • When words fail music speaks. ♥ :)
  • I`m not like anybody else. :)
  • Just like seasons, people change..:)
  • A person that truly loves you will never let you go , no matter how hard the situation is. :)
  • Every Love Story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite 
Sper sa va placa o sa revin sa mai scriu dar momentan sunt obosita so good night ! 

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